Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fab Find: The Wrapadoo

As any Hairnista worth her salt knows, bath towels are for your body, NOT your hair! While there are a lot of great microfiber towels on the market, they are well...just pretty blah. Granted they do the job, but as we all know I love a little fabulousness w/ my haircare and the "Wrapadoo" fits the bill. Thanks to the power of Twitter I found out about this great item and I think you all will love it as much as I do. The Wrapadoo takes the old fashioned towel turban and throws it out the window.

From Wrapadoo.com:
"Wrapadoo™ is a Plush, Ultra-Luxurious hair wrap for women and girls of all hair types. Those chills from a wet head of hair? Gone! The towel flopping over and unraveling? A fuzzy memory. Wrapadoo is the first Great Looking, Serene Feeling, Practical answer to managing wet hair. Place it on your head, Stick the Velcro, Twist the tail twice, pull it up and Loop it over the little “jewel” to secure it. Voila! Retro Glamour. The Snug and Cozy fit sets you free for multi-tasking (or decadent lounging) as well as all those little girly things we need to do. Women Love the Wrapadoo™ experience because it:

Goes On Straight, no need to flip upside-down!
Prevents Tangles, Stress and Breakage
Preserves and Promotes our Natural Shine and Bounce
Custom fit stays Secure with Adjustable Velcro closure
Adds Warmth to a hair masque, conditioning treatment or just those cold Winter mornings
Protects our hair from humidity and moisture when we’re relaxing in the tub or jumping “in and out” of the shower quickly.
Can be worn down to capture and protect our long, fragile or curly hair
Preserves our expensive extensions and weaves.
Packs easy and light (only 7oz) for Anytime, Anywhere Pampering
Gives us complete mobility for multi-tasking
Creates Premium moisture balance for enhanced, consistent product application
Looks Glamorous, Feels Fabulous!"

I have to say Hairnistas, the above is true and then some. I always have a hard time wrapping my hair in a towel and getting to stay while taking care of things around the house...not with the Wrapadoo. The large rhinestone is fab as well as functional :) There are even girl sizes for your Little Hairnista...this is definitely going on my gift list for my Hairnista circle. Starting at $60 this is a must have for your hair arsenal.

p.s. i have the pink leopard...so eartha kitt i luv it!

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