Monday, February 1, 2010

Wigging Out: Grammy Awards

There was so much to say about the hair at last night's show, but these two wigs deserved their own post. Never one to disappoint, Lady GaGa hit the red carpet in a sparkly space-aged bodysuit dress combo...with the wig attached!! I know for some of you it may be too "out there," but this Hairnista was totally impressed. The platinum and golden blonde wig was styled with big, lush waves...a look I love.

My next standout wig of the night was Grammy's Golden Girl Beyonce'. Wearing a lacefront wig in her signature blonde, Bey went from the red carpet, to the stage for her performance, and back to her seat with ease. I would also like to give kudos to her stylist for the flawless application. Lacefront wigs are the saving grace for many female performers. Can you imagine the amount of heat and product it would take to style your hair for the red carpet, then redo it after a full-out stage performance? Do that a few times in a row to your own hair and there won't be much left! I love that Celeb Hairnistas like Bey, Tyra, and Wendy Williams have brought lacefront wigs to the mainstream. However I will leave you with this Hairnistas: Get your wig professionally applied!!! I don't want to see anymore of you walking around with visible glue or tape on your edges. Unacceptable!

Ok off my wig soapbox :)

What were your fave looks of Grammy night?

images via Bossip


Anonymous said...

So beyonce wasnt wearing infusions?

Z.Kay Walker said...

gaga is perfection as usual. I hated Bey's wig. The glitter was tacky and the part was way too far to the side.

"It Girl" said...

Thx for weighing in guys! @Anonymous...that was definitely a lacefront that Bey was wearing. Whether she wears fusion extensions at other times I'm not sure. @Z i kind of liked the glitter lol but i will admit that i appreciated the flawless application of the wig more than the wig itself :)