Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yummy Treat - Afroveda Curly Custard

Need mega moisture and definition for your curls? Afroveda's Curly Custard is a delicious treat that will leave your curls absolutely luscious. Afroveda is a great line for Hairnista's that are into products that you can't find in your local beauty supply. This custard is a great combo of aloe, jojoba, coconut oil, and a special ingredient Ashwagandha Powder. All of Afroveda's products are all natural and based on principles of Ayurveda (more posts to come on that later). All items are made to order and arrive with a handwritten note from the owner (love the personal touch).

So back to the custard...

The consistency is very light and creamy, almost whipped. The directions say to use on wet or dry hair. I tried it for the first time on wet hair after co-washing...just lovely. My hair tends to suck the life out of product but I only needed about three small scoops for my entire head. I slicked my hair back into a big curly puff and used a silk scarf to smooth my edges. As my hair dried my curls weren't crunchy or hard (a definite no), just soft and defined. I regret not doing a wash-n-go with the custard since my curly puff turned out so well. For only $9 the Curly Custard is a definite addition to my product arsenal.

I've also purchased some other goodies from stay tuned!

ps...the jar also comes with a cute flip-cap instead of the regular twist off cap. not a huge deal but i like it better. no lids all over my bathroom.

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