Friday, November 6, 2009

Dating and your 'do - Part 1

There comes a time after meeting a guy that the question of hair becomes inevitable. Whether it's dealing with "morning after" hair or if you're like me, explaining the mystery of why you hair changes like your shoes :) Here are a few Hairnista tips to make your dating life work with and not against your hair.

1. The Overnight Visit
Now sometimes this is planned, but most of the time it is um shall we say, kind of impromptu. I recommend always keeping a couple of covered elastic hair bands and bobby pins in your purse. A low ponytail or a cute messy bun can make your morning after look much more pulled together. (dark sunglasses also help lol)

2. Falls/Half-wigs
Sorry to break it to you Hairnistas, but falls and half-wigs are single girl territory. They are not secure enough for anything more than a quick peck hello/goodbye and the stray hand caressing your hair can end up with you mortified as your date holds your wig in his hand. Save these for a girl's night out...not one with the hot guy you've been dying to date.

3. Clip-ins
These are the way to go! If you're going on an outdoorsy date (hiking, tennis, biking) you can make a cute ponytail. Intimate dinner? You'll have an extra boost of confidence that only takes minutes to achieve.

4. Sew-in
Going on an exotic island vacation? A sew-in is a must for a no muss no fuss adventure. Your time is meant to be frolicking on the beach, sipping fruity drinks while your beau rubs suntan lotion on your pretty shoulders...not stuck in your hotel suite stressing over your hair. Try curly/wavy locks in a sexy length (20" or longer is a must!) and I guarantee you'll have him under your spell.

Dating should be fun, and your hair should be an addition to the fun, not a distraction. For those chameleon Hairnistas like me that are always trying something different, Part 2 will focus on how to keep your fabulous while making sure that your guy gets to know the "real" you. Til' then...enjoy date night Hairnistas!

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