Friday, October 23, 2009

Super Sealant: Argan Oil

Moroccan Oil is THE hot topic in hair right now. There are many derivatives of it out there, but it's base is Argan oil. Native to Morocco, this oil is magic in a bottle. I use Agadir Argan oil (one of the most pure versions on the market) and it has truly become something I can't live without. It can be used on wet or dry hair to give much needed moisture, soothe dry ends, and help prevent split ends. I use it in the following ways:

Hot Oil Treatment
warm a small amount of oil, add to damp hair, sit under hooded dryer w/ plastic cap for 20mins

add a dime sized amount to your favorite leave-in (or on its own) and style hair as usual

Daily Styling
place a small amount of hair on your fingertips and apply to ends to protect them from daily wear and tear
apply to edges/nape to keep that delicate hair moisturized
use a dab to tame pesky fly-aways

This oil is alcohol free, very light, and no build-up. I recommend it for Hairnistas of every hair type. You'll thank me :)


Optyma said...

I am an argan oil user and a fan of Kaeline's argan oil for skin and hair care. They offer a full range of products from the 100% organic, to organic argan oil based shampoos and serums. (No silicones!) I have dry, frizzy hair, and the repairing serum worked wonders. Their US distributor Xandra Renouvelle has provided excellent service. Thanks for your informative blog.

"It Girl" said...

you're welcome! and thank you for the info on Kaeline's argan oil. i will have to check them out.