Friday, October 23, 2009

Ain't Love Grand? Eva & Tony for London Fog


Eva Longoria-Parker is one that people either love or hate (I love!). Whatever your personal thoughts are, I think we all would have to agree that this Celeb Hairnista hits it out of the park on this shoot. She and Tony look amazing and her hair is in full "Texas" mode...simply fabulous. I like that she always goes back to the long, full layers. It works for her. She isn't one to fade into the background and this look is a perfect fit.

To get this look:
Clip-ins or some form or extensions are your friend. This look calls for drama and that equals pieces. While this look may be a bit much for your day to day life, if you have an anniversary or special night coming up...pull out all the stops. Take it even further and set up your own sexy shoot with your special someone.

images via JustJared

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